Build more economical parking lots with more parking spaces

Zenpark assists developers and builders with the sizing, marketing and management of parking lots for mixed-use real estate projects.

Smart parking ready for the smart city

Anticipate changes in mobility by pooling parking spaces

Rather than building a dedicated parking lot for each building - residential and office use - and a public parking lot to accommodate other types of use, anticipate changes in mobility by opting to build a parking lot that shares spaces between different uses. Fewer spaces built means fewer CO₂ emissions: 200 parking spaces saved means 1,000 tonnes of CO₂ emissions saved.

Win more real estate projects by innovating with parking solutions

When it comes to large-scale real estate projects, local authorities include the pooling of parking spaces in their proposals, in an effort to anticipate the future. As pioneers and leaders in the sector, we'll support you every step of the way, from parking lot design to operation.

A new parking lot experience thanks to a fully-digital operation

92% satisfaction rate among users - individual co-owners, social housing landlord tenants, company employees and retail customers, among others - backed by 24/7 operations of the highest standard, which also generates revenue for the collective ownership.

Offer components

Zenpark offers a turnkey solution to maximize occupancy and revenue from your parking lot.

Implementation support

Our teams size the parking lot according to expected traffic flows, and provide legal support right up to project delivery.

Marketing of unoccupied spaces

The parking spaces are shared by all those using the parking lot on an occasional or regular basis, and unoccupied parking spaces are sold on demand as “ticketless” or reserved via Zenpark.

Operation & maintenance

Once the project has been delivered, Zenpark offers a visitor service as well as a range of maintenance, upkeep and security services.

More than 300 corporate customers use our services

Zenpark Pro offers solutions for companies, social housing landlords, hotels and service residences wanting to optimize their parking lots based on innovative, quick-to-implement solutions.

More than 300 corporate customers use our services

Zenpark Pro offers solutions for companies, social housing landlords, hotels and service residences wanting to optimize their parking lots based on innovative, quick-to-implement solutions.

How does it work?

From offering support for your shared parking project to managing operations, Zenpark’s Smart Parking teams accompany you every step of the way.

Smart Parking project support

Our Smart Parking team will support you at every stage of your real estate project, from design to drafting of co-ownership regulations, traffic flow assessment, consultation support, establishing specifications, project management and monitoring, equipment installation and maintenance, start-up and ERP accreditation.

Parking lot installation

Zenpark installs and maintains its equipment, comprising one or more LED boxes powered by 24V direct current, a communicating keypad code system and an electrical box, fully-compliant with the latest standards, using patented technology that is the most efficient on the market. We can also take care of signage, video surveillance, equipment maintenance and parking lot cleaning.

Parking lot operations

Our customer service teams provide ongoing support for all your users by email and telephone, from the moment they enter the parking lot, including in its use and any incident management. Our team of Revenue Managers continuously optimizes your parking lot’s tariff offers to maximize the revenue generated from parking.

All the benefits of Zenpark Pro Smart

Discover all the benefits of our Smart Parking solution.

Big data

Zenpark's patented technology optimizes parking lot use by automatically leveraging parking lot usage data.

Project support

Our project team is with you every step of the way, from tender to completion.

24/7 operational excellence

Operational quality: 24/7 user support, parking lot traffic flow monitoring, incident management, digitization of parking lot use.


Offer access to your parking lot to everyone with a simple, digital and responsible solution that optimizes parking spaces for everyone, according to usage.

Privacy by design

Smart complies with the RGPD on data protection by collecting only the necessary information and sending only messages relating to your parking lot and your employees. Nothing else.

Smart city

A connected parking lot, ready for the electric vehicle, ready to encourage soft mobility, keeping pace with changes in mobility and backed by an operator established in the digital age.

20% reduction in construction costs

Reduce your construction costs by reducing the number of parking spaces, while guaranteeing a parking solution for all users.

The perfect solution for real estate professionals

Zenpark Pro Smart is the smart parking solution dedicated to the real estate and city sectors. Need a reservation service for electric vehicle charging stations? Discover our Plug & Share turnkey solution.

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