Manage your company parking lot

The Zenpark Pro Flex solution makes it easy for employees to reserve and access parking spaces.

The innovative solution for easy management of your company parking lot

Save your teams time

With Flex, users of your parking lot have individual access and are completely autonomous in their parking journey. With Flex, everyone in the company can be sure of finding a parking space as soon as they have reserved one using the tool. By digitizing access to the parking lot, the Zenpark Pro Flex solution takes the hassle out of programming parking lot access badges and managing lost and forgotten badges. In addition, the Flex parking management solution offers administrators a remote boom/door opening mechanism, enabling them to help out a user stuck at the parking lot entrance in a single click.

Financial gain for your company

With the development of remote working and employee travel, parking spaces are no longer used on a daily basis by the same employees. Zenpark Pro Flex enables your company to optimize the use of parking spaces in your parking lot by allowing employees to reserve their parking space. Unoccupied spaces can even be marketed to the general public, thus generating additional revenue.

Greater efficiency for the company

With Zenpark Pro Flex, optimize the use and security of your company parking lot by managing access and permissions automatically, and maximizing occupancy. Each parking lot manager has access to a comprehensive, easy-to-use dashboard that centralizes the management of parking spaces and users, and provides real-time key indicators for steering the company's mobility plan.

Offer components

Zenpark offers a turnkey solution for managing your company parking lot.

A booking interface for employees

Employees can reserve access to the parking lot via their online account or the Flex mobile application. Once their reservation has been made, they open the parking lot boom/door using their Flex mobile app, remote control, badge or vehicle license plate.

A monitoring interface for managers

In-house managers have a dedicated interface from which they can make reservations/create users and allocate parking spaces, monitor parking statistics and open access remotely.

A parking lot access system

Zenpark can install its own access system, or connect to an existing access system to remotely control boom/door opening and monitor the number of entries and exits. Our teams offer a complete range of access methods: license plate readers, mobile applications, keypad code systems, access badges, etc., and can advise you on the most appropriate access method(s) for your project.

Premium support

Zenpark is with you every step of the way. Our teams carry out an assessment of your parking lot to identify the ideal number of parking spaces for your business, and find you additional parking spaces if necessary. Then your account manager sets up your space, provides training on the use of the tool and meets with you regularly to monitor your account activity and suggest improvements.

More than 300 corporate customers use our services

Zenpark Pro offers solutions for companies, social housing landlords, hotels and service residences wanting to optimize their parking lots based on innovative, quick-to-implement solutions.

More than 300 corporate customers use our services

Zenpark Pro offers solutions for companies, social housing landlords, hotels and service residences wanting to optimize their parking lots based on innovative, quick-to-implement solutions.

How does it work?

Zenpark supports you at every stage of your project: from the initial configuration to the installation and monitoring of your parking lot.

Parking lot configuration at a glance

Our teams configure your customized parking lot, taking into account the number and type of parking spaces (PRM, electric vehicles, bicycles, etc.), the list of employees, the specific rights of each employee and the rules governing the use of the parking lot (reservation credits, maximum early arrival and parking time, etc.). The manager is then able to operate independently in modifying all the parameters of their parking lot(s). Zenpark also develops numerous interfaces incorporating business tools to make the customer experience more seamless and limit the need for manager intervention.

Dedicated technical teams at your service!

The Zenpark Pro Flex solution enables you to reserve and access the parking lot as soon as it is equipped with our access technology. A dedicated team visits the site to carry out on-site surveys and propose a deployment plan for our technology. Our access kit enables users to access the parking lot via their mobile app, remote control, keypad code system, LAPI license plate reading technology or employee badges.

Transition support from A-to-Z

A change management project is imperative when implementing a management tool such as Flex, especially when employees previously had named parking spaces, or when relocating. For each new project, an account manager is appointed to support the parking lot manager in these stages of communication, training and answering employees’ questions.

Smooth, consistent operation

As soon as an employee makes a reservation via the tool, a parking space is removed from the number of places available. Users can cancel or change their reservation at any time, and the vacated space then becomes available again to all employees. Each in-house user at the company has an account from which they can adjust their list of vehicles. External visitors to the parking lot (service companies, customers, etc.) can access the parking lot by invitation from the parking lot manager.

All the benefits of Zenpark Pro Flex

Discover all the benefits of our Flex Parking solution


No more badges or Excel spreadsheets! Control your parking lot capacities and users from your web interface, and let the parking algorithm allocate the spaces - it takes care of everything for you!


Flex uses Zenpark technology compatible with your existing parking access systems. Installation is straightforward and requires no modification to your existing access systems.

Optimized real estate assets

With Flex, you can digitally manage access to your parking lot more efficiently, and optimize occupancy by offering your under-utilized spaces to all employees.

Privacy by design

Smart complies with the RGPD on data protection by collecting only the necessary information and sending only messages relating to your parking lot to your own employees. Nothing else.


Get real-time access to information on availability of parking spaces in your parking lot. Create and revoke access rights for your parking lot and its available spaces.

92% user satisfaction rate

Offer access to your parking lot to everyone with a simple, digital and responsible solution that optimizes parking spaces for everyone, according to usage.

The optimal solution for parking lot managers

Zenpark Pro Flex is the solution for corporate parking managers. Need a reservation service for electric vehicle charging stations? Discover our Plug & Share turnkey solution.

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