Capitalize on your unoccupied parking spaces with shared parking

Zenpark fills your parking lots and increases your revenue by offering your free spaces to monthly subscribers and occasional visitors on our website and mobile application.

Our fully cost-effective solution to optimize your parking lot costs

Stay calm: everything is automated and secure

Installing Zenpark Pro Share technology in no way alters your current entry/exit system. The costs are fully paid for by Zenpark. Users use their Zenpark application to enter and exit the parking lot, and benefit from 24/7 assistance that requires no intervention on your part.

Generate up to €450 in turnover per parking space per month

With Zenpark Pro Share, connect your parking lot to the largest shared parking network used by over 700,000 motorists. Offer your under-utilized spaces for a monthly rental or for short, medium and long-term parking. Drastically reduce your vacancy with an occupancy rate of over 90% in just a few months.

Track the performance of your parking lot at all times

Gain real-time access to parking lot occupancy, sales figures and the license plate details of vehicles parked in your parking lot. Add or remove shared parking spaces at any time with a simple click.

Offer components

Zenpark offers a turnkey solution to maximize occupancy and revenue from your parking lot.

An efficient market platform

Zenpark lists your parking spaces on our website and mobile application used by our 700,000 users.

A free, digital access system

Zenpark installs its patented access system at its own cost, in order to control the parking lots remotely. Users access the parking lot via their mobile app, zenpass remote control, keypad code or vehicle license plate.

Premium customer service

Our operational teams provide daily support to motorists and maintain our access systems. In parallel, our account manager and revenue management team work to optimize your revenue.

A high-performance control interface

You have an interface for monitoring your parking lot activity: satisfaction, revenue, incidents, occupancy rates, and more. Your account manager conducts regular reviews with you to further optimize your parking lot occupancy and revenue.

More than 300 corporate customers use our services

Zenpark Pro offers solutions for companies, social housing landlords, hotels and service residences wanting to optimize their parking lots based on innovative, quick-to-implement solutions.

More than 300 corporate customers use our services

Zenpark Pro offers solutions for companies, social housing landlords, hotels and service residences wanting to optimize their parking lots based on innovative, quick-to-implement solutions.

How does it work?

Do you have less than four hours to spare? That’s how long it takes Zenpark to install the Zenpark Pro Share solution, which connects your parking lot to the world’s largest network of shared parking lots in the blink of an eye!

Quick installation

A pioneer in shared parking, Zenpark installs and maintains its equipment free of charge, comprising one or more LED units powered by 24V direct current, a communicating keypad code system and an electrical box. All this is done to the latest and highest professional standards, using patented technology recognized as the best on the market.

Revenue generation

Once connected, your parking lot joins the Zenpark network of parking lots used by over 500,000 motorists. Zenpark takes care of promoting your parking lot on the Zenpark website and application, optimizing its referencing on search engines and mapping tools (Google Maps, Apple Maps, GPS, etc.), promoting the parking lot, parking payment and providing assistance to users and managers of your parking lot.

Ongoing maintenance and optimization

Our operational teams ensure ongoing maintenance of the technology installed in your parking lot, as well as the signage. Our team of revenue managers continuously optimizes your parking lot’s tariff offers to maximize the revenue generated from parking.

All the benefits of Zenpark Pro Share shared parking

Discover all the benefits of our shared parking solution.

Zero cost

Installation, maintenance and marketing of the service are handled entirely by Zenpark.

Zero change

Installing the service in no way alters your usual parking lot access system or the parking spaces you already occupy.


Zenpark identifies each motorist and time-stamps their entries and exits.


Our solution is accessible by telephone to all motorists.


Generate up to €450 in turnover per free parking space.


Add or reduce the number of parking spaces you want to share in one click.

The optimal solution for parking lot managers

Zenpark Pro Share is the perfect solution for capitalizing on your unoccupied parking spaces. Need an electric charging service for your users? Discover our charging station solution.

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