The turnkey, investment-free recharging solution for your parking lot

From 2025, the LOM Law (French mobility orientation law) will require companies to provide charging points for electric vehicles in parking lots with more than 20 parking spaces.

The innovative, investment-free solution for installing and operating shared charging stations in your parking lot

Sharing charging stations: a key to the development of sustainable electric mobility

While the number of electric vehicles has risen by 130% in less than 3 years, according to the Gazette des Communes, the number of charging stations has increased by only 50%. What's more, the average lifespan of a charging station is 10 years: this means that a home charging station will only be used for 3 months in its entire lifecycle. Sharing terminals has thus become essential to guarantee efficient terminal installation over the long term, and to obtain subsidies from the Advenir program.

Electric charging points in your parking lot to anticipate change

In June 2022, Parliament backed the European Commission's proposal for zero emissions for new cars and vans by 2035. This makes it imperative to allow all vehicles to recharge while parked. With Plug & Share, you can anticipate these new needs, so that you're ready today for the vehicles that will be tomorrow's standard.

A booking interface to guarantee everyone access to electric recharging

Zenpark Pro Plug & Share turns any electric charging station into a shared charging station. Users reserve their spaces with charging stations on the Zenpark web interface or mobile application. On-demand terminals, useful for regular users, are also available without reservation, to suit all types of use.

Offer components

Whether installing, operating or marketing, Zenpark offers turnkey electric recharging solutions.

A user-friendly, reliable charging experience

The interoperability of charging stations means that users of a given network can charge their vehicle at stations in other networks, while using their usual badge. Due to charging station maintenance and other technical problems, the average availability rate of charging stations on the market is 82%, according to the latest Avere-France barometer. The Plug & Share solution guarantees a charging station availability rate of over 96%.

Pricing to suit all users

Since 2022, inflation has had a significant impact on the cost of electricity. With Plug & Share, the rates applied to our charging stations are fixed and guaranteed until 2025.

A turnkey station, free of charge

Although there is a lot of support available, the installation and operation of electric charging stations can be very expensive, costing up to €20,000 for a single station in a parking lot. With Zenpark Pro, from the feasibility study to installation, operation, maintenance and marketing, we take care of everything, free of charge!

More than 300 corporate customers use our services

Zenpark Pro offers solutions for companies, social housing landlords, hotels and service residences wanting to optimize their parking lots based on innovative, quick-to-implement solutions.

More than 300 corporate customers use our services

Zenpark Pro offers solutions for companies, social housing landlords, hotels and service residences wanting to optimize their parking lots based on innovative, quick-to-implement solutions.

How does it work?

Need to install electric charging stations in your private parking lot and benefit from a solution to manage sharing and payment? Discover our solution for transforming your parking lot into an electric recharging station.

Installation and configuration of charging stations

If you don’t yet have electric charging stations in your company parking lot, we can carry out a feasibility and sizing study for you, in order to provide you with the best possible solution. We then audit your energy contracts and design the installation of the bollards, before supervising the work. Zenpark then takes care of connecting you to GIREVE (the first B2B platform for electric mobility), as well as marketing your parking spaces equipped with charging stations. Other services can also be provided, such as map referencing, access to the loyalty program and advertising to promote your charging stations.

System maintenance & supervision

Zenpark Pro maintains your charging system and offers 24/7 assistance. All this with a commitment to resolving user incidents and training them in use of the service. Supervision enables us to know the status of the charging stations in real time, and to carry out maintenance operations remotely. The duration of the partnership is 12 years, to ensure that our partner makes the installation of the charging stations profitable.

Reserving and paying for electric recharging

In parking lots accessible to the general public, users reserve their electric charging space via the “” website or the Zenpark mobile application. In company parking lots, employees can reserve a space with an electric charging station using the Flex mobile application. As the charging stations are supervised, we can manage their pricing and implement changes, although the current pricing is guaranteed until 2025. In addition, Zenpark Pro’s customer service supervises the management of payment incidents with a view to ensuring the highest possible satisfaction of your parking lot’s users.

All the benefits of Zenpark Pro Plug & Share

For all charging applications

Zenpark Pro offers you the charging point reservation service best suited to your parking lot: charging points can be reserved via cell phone or on demand, for parking lot users only (residents, employees, car-sharing customers, etc.) or for the general public, depending on your needs.

Durable charging stations and reduced costs

Everyone can simply reserve a charging slot. Sharing the use of charging stations reduces the number of bollards required for superior quality of service, which reduces installation and operating costs for the co-owned property.

The optimal solution for parking lot managers

Want to optimize the use of your parking lot? Generate revenue from your empty parking spaces? Manage parking space access and allocation? Discover our other solutions.

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