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Win more building projects with innovative parking

For all large-scale building projects, local authorities are introducing pooled parking spaces into their consultations to plan for the future. As pioneers and leaders of the sector, we'll support you at every stage from car park design through to operation.

Anticipate mobility developments by pooling spaces

Rather than building a separate car park for each building, residence and office, as well as a public car park for all other uses, anticipate mobility developments by choosing to build a car park that shares spaces among different users. Fewer spaces built means lower CO₂ emissions: 200 spaces saved means 1,00 tons of CO₂ emissions saved.

Experience a new way of parking with a 100% digital operation

92% satisfaction rate among people who co-own spaces, social housing tenants, company employees, shop customers… thanks to a 24/7 operation of outstanding quality, which also generates income for co-owners.

How does it work?

From supporting your project through to its usage, Zenpark’s Smart Parking teams help you throughout your shared parking project.

Smart Parking project support

Our Smart Parking team supports you at every stage of your building project, including design, developing co-ownership regulations, evaluating flow, support with consultations, drawing up technical specifications, managing and tracking the project, installing and maintaining equipment, beginning operations and regulations accreditation.

Installing car parks

Zenpark installs and maintains our equipment consisting of one or more LED boxes powered by a 24V direct current, an entry code intercom, and an electric control panel that complies fully with professional standards and current regulations with a patented technology that delivers the best performance on the market. We can also look after signage, video surveillance, equipment maintenance and car park cleaning.

Car park operation

Our customer service teams ensure ongoing assistance for all your users by email and phone, from arrival in the car park, through to usage and dealing with any incidents. Our revenue management team continually optimise your car park’s price packages to maximise generated revenue.

All the benefits of Zenpark Pro Smart

Discover all the benefits of our Zenpark Pro Smart solution


Big data

Our patented technology ensures optimal use of your car park by automatically drawing on usage data.

Project support

Our project team supports you at every stage of your development, from tender through to execution.

Operational excellence 24/7

Operational quality: 24/7 support for users, monitoring flow in the car park, managing incidents, digitising the use of the car park.


Offer car park access to all with a simple, digital and responsible solution that optimises spaces amongst everyone and according to use.

Privacy by design

Smart respects GDPR in terms of data protection by only collecting necessary information and only sending messages about your car parks to your employees. That's it.

Smart city

A connected car park, ready for electric vehicles, ready to stimulate soft mobility solutions and support mobility developments with a digital-first operator.


Reduction in construction costs

Reduce your construction costs by reducing the number of parking spaces while guaranteeing a parking solution for every user.

The perfect solution for property developers

Zenpark Pro Smart is the smart parking solution tailored to property developers and urban stakeholders. Need a reservation service for electric vehicle charging stations? Discover our Plug & Share solution.

See our Plug & Share solution
  • Property developers

  • Consultancies and architects

  • Planners

  • Local authorities

They trust us

We were the first to take the plunge alongside Zenpark into shared parking, such as between offices and residences as part of the Smartseille eco-neighbourhood led by Euroméditerranée and the city of Marseille. The results are there, and confirm in every way the arguments that convinced us in 2016 when we started this smart city project.
Hervé Gatineau
Property Director, Eiffage
Zenpark enables us to generate additional income which will be reinvested in the upkeep of our properties to improve the living conditions of our tenants. Not to mention the fact that having the car parks occupied increases our tenants’ sense of security.
Soazig Duchene
Head of operations, Nantes Métropole Aménagement
Integrating a smart, shared and efficient car park as Zenpark offers perfectly aligns with our definition of frugal town planning. Programming maximised occupation enables a 31% reduction in the construction of parking spaces (175 spaces).
Sebastien Dumesgnil
Chief Executive, Groupe Opale Alsei

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