Zenpark Pro Pool

Rent parking spaces for your employees

The perfect solution

for businesses looking for more parking spaces to rent monthly or hourly at a competitive rate

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Over 1,000 car parks in more than 200 towns in France

Whether a one-off or recurring need, discover our hourly or monthly subscription parking solutions for your employees, vehicle fleet or customers among our network of shared car parks throughout France.

50% cheaper than public or roadside parking

You’ll enjoy a special rate, simplified digital access and a guaranteed space. Depending on your needs, you could even optimise the use of rented spaces by sharing them among all your vehicles.

Invoicing tailored to your needs

Enjoy maximum flexibility. There are multiple payment options and invoicing frequency can be modified (by quarter, half-year, year or more).

How does it work?

Looking for multiple parking spaces for your employees? For a construction site? For car hire or vehicle maintenance facilities? In a town, or near an airport or station? We’ve got parking spaces for you!

Establishing your parking needs

Contact our customer support team to find the offer that meets your needs from among the tens of thousands of spaces available in our car park network.

Creating car park access

We create parking access for your users. As well as the Zenpark app which opens car park entrances with simple steps directly from the user's phone, we also offer the option of a physical remote control, the Zenpass, which we can provide to every car park user.

A helping hand

Our customer service teams ensure continuous assistance to all your users by email and phone.

All the benefits of Zenpark Pro Pool shared parking

Discover all the benefits of our Zenpark Pro Pool solution



From creating user accounts to managing your parking, you'll get a dedicated support team.

Personalised invoicing

Pay for your parking by bank transfer, each quarter, half-year or year.



Reduce your parking costs with rates on average two times cheaper than roadside or public car parks.

The perfect solution for mobility operators

Need a reservation service for electric vehicle charging points for your fleet? Discover Zenpark Pro Plug & Share, our solution to reserve electric charging points.

Discover the Plug & Share solution
  • Valet services

  • Car sharing operators

  • Ride sharing operators

  • Vehicle hire services

They trust us

We are thrilled to carry out this project of shared electric charging points in private car parks in collaboration with Zenpark, making us the first housing social enterprise to take significant steps towards electric mobility for all.
Stéphane Wallon
Chief Executive, Batigère en Île-de-France
Zenpark enables us to generate additional income which will be reinvested in the upkeep of our properties to improve the living conditions of our tenants. Not to mention the fact that having the car parks occupied increases our tenants’ sense of security.
Amélie Debrabandère
Chief Executive, Lille Métropole Habitat
We have entrusted Zenpark with 10 car parks since the start of our partnership. We are very satisfied with the results: thanks to its completely digitised and secure solution, Zenpark creates significant supplementary income with its customers’ hourly parking.
Clémence Debaille
Director of asset management and innovation, OPH Montreuillois

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