Zenpark Pro Plug & Share

Install and share electric charging points in your car park

The innovative solution

to book charging points in private car parks

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The best sollution to manage bookings of electric charging points

Zenpark Pro Plug & Share transforms every electric charging point into a shared service thanks to our booking management system. The station and car park space are available to book (for residents, employees, clients, etc.) through a mobile app.

Simplify bookings, charging and payment

With the Zenpark or your own app, the Plug & Share solution lets people book a station and car park space with ease. There's also an option for payment and car park access to happen directly through the app. 24/7 assistance is guaranteed for all users.

Reduce the cost of your electric charging point

The Plug & Share solution allows each point to be shared among your users. Reduce your installation costs by optimising the number of points required. The shared operation of points limits energy costs. Whether you already have charging points or not, Zenpark helps you from installation through to operation.

How does it work?

Need to install electric charging points in your private car park and to get the benefits of a solution to manage bookings and payments? Discover our all-in-one solution to transform your car park into an electric charging station.

Installing and configuring charging points

If you don't yet have charging points, we evaluate your needs and select the models. We audit your energy contracts and install charging points. In all cases we integrate our booking system into your points and configure them to the specific needs of your car park.

Maintaining the equipment

We take care of the maintenance of your charging system and offer 24/7 assistance to users, from training them to supporting them to use the service. If the Zenpark Pro Share solution is activated, you have the option for us to manage the overall relationship with external users of your car park, namely customers from our network.

Booking and paying for charging

The most comprehensive version of our app lets customers choose the car park, book a charging point, pay for the "charge and park" service and open the entrance to the car park. The user journey is simple thanks to the app.

All the benefits of Zenpark Pro Plug & Share

Discover all the benefits of our shared electric charging points solution: Zenpark Pro Plug & Share.



Reduce your parking costs with prices on average two times cheaper than on the street or in a public car park.


No badges or complicated charging system: everything is done through the Zen app, used by more than 500,000 drivers.

The perfect solution for electric charging in private car parks

Do you want to optimise the use of your car park? Generate revenue from your empty spaces? Manage access and the allocation of spaces? Discover our other solutions.

Our solutions for car park managers
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  • Social housing

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  • Office buildings

They trust us

We are thrilled to carry out this project of shared electric charging points in private car parks in collaboration with Zenpark, making us the first housing social enterprise to take significant steps towards electric mobility for all.
Stéphane Wallon
Chief Executive, Batigère en Île-de-France
Our strategy is driven by a desire to diversify our activities and our services for individual clients. We organised a call for proposals for home services in 2018, for which Zenpark was chosen as one of the winners. In addition, the EDF Group launched our Electric Mobility Plan with this partnership with Zenpark which I am delighted to see carried out today.
Grégory Trannoy
Director of marketing and customer service for individual clients, EDF

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