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Transform your company car park into a collaborative car park

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smart parking

Facilitate your employees’ daily mobility

With Zenpark Pro Flex, implement your mobility policy with priority car park access for employees who need it most. Prioritise access according to use: electric vehicles, ride sharing, distance from home, disability, vehicle fleets, management team, etc.

optimised parking

Offer more spaces for more employees

Zenpark Pro Flex allows companies to offer unused spaces to all employees according to their needs. For instance this solution gives you enough space for 300 employees with a car park of only 100 spaces. As a bonus, you get more access badges to manage so that bookings, and entry and exit are done through a dedicated mobile app.

company car park management

Simplify the management of your company car park

With Zenpark Pro Flex, optimise the usage and security of your company car park with automated management of access and privileges, and by maximising occupation. Each car park manager has access to a full and easy-to-use dashboard that centralises the management of spaces and users, and gives real-time key indicators to develop the company's mobility policy.

How does it work?

Simple to use and adaptable to any type of car park, discover how easy it is to transform your company car park into a collaborative car park.

Car park configuration at a glance

The Flex management interface allows your car park administrators to manage different types of spaces (for people with a disability, electric vehicles, bikes, etc.). Each space can be allocated to an employee or not. An allocated space will not be available for reservation by other employees unless the space is freed up by the regular user in the mobile app.

Automatic allocation of parking spaces

Flex's algorithm automatically allocates available spaces each day for the following day to employees who request them. The allocation sequence is customisable. You can also establish allocation priorities according to your criteria. You have access to a simple interface to define and maintain a list of users that can be imported automatically or added manually.

Booking of spaces by employees

Your employees regularly indicate their parking needs from their Flex mobile app or free up a space that has been allocated to them. They get a phone and email notification telling them they have a space booked.

All the benefits of Zenpark Pro Flex

Discover all the benefits of our flex parking solution.



No more badges and Excel sheets! Manage your car park capacity and users from your web interface and let the space allocation algorithm take care of everything for you!


Flex uses Zenpark’s technology which is compatible with your existing car park access systems. Installation is minimal and doesn't require any changes to your current access.

Of property assets optimised

With Flex, manage access to your car park more efficiently with digital and optimise occupation by offering underused spaces to all employees.

Privacy by design

Flex respects GDPR in terms of data protection by only collecting necessary information and only sending messages about your car parks to your employees. That's it.


Get real-time access to space availability in your car park. Create and revoke access rights to your car park and available spaces.


User satisfaction

Offer car park access to all with a simple, digital and responsible solution that optimises spaces amongst everyone and according to use.

The perfect solution for company car parks

Zenpark Pro Flex is the solution for managers of company car parks. Need a reservation service for electric vehicle charging stations? Discover our Plug & Share solution.

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  • Property managers

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They trust us

Thanks to Zenpark we have found an effective solution to solve our parking challenges. Our drivers can now find a space more easily from their mobile phone, and the feedback has been really positive.
Victor Ganivet
Director of the Montrouge bus depot and sites at Corentin/Jourdan and Massy, RATP

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