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Car park management for property developers

You have a building project including car park spaces, and you want

To add value

by optimising the valuation of your car parks.

A smart car park

that meets the needs of a smart city.

To host

electric vehicles by installing charging points.

A sustainable solution

for all the residents and services of your future neighbourhood.

Zenpark offers innovative solutions for property developers

For property developers looking for efficient, profitable, fast and sustainable to support their projects and operate a shared car park ready for smart cities.

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Reduce the construction costs of your car park with our pooled car park operation offering for smart cities.

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Plug & Share

Our turnkey solution from the installation through to the operation of electric charging points.

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They trust us

We were the first to take the plunge alongside Zenpark into pooled parking, such as between offices and residences as part of the Smartseille eco-neighbourhood led by Euroméditerranée and the city of Marseille. The results are there, and confirm in every way the arguments that convinced us in 2016 when we started this smart city project.
Hervé Gatineau
Property Director, Eiffage
Zenpark enables us to generate additional income which will be reinvested in the upkeep of our properties to improve the living conditions of our tenants. Not to mention the fact that having the car parks occupied increases our tenants’ sense of security.
Soazig Duchene
Head of operations, Nantes Métropole Aménagement
Integrating a smart, pooled and efficient car park like those that Zenpark offers perfectly aligns with our definition of frugal town planning. Programming maximised occupation enables a 31% reduction in the construction of parking spaces (175 spaces).
Sebastien Dumesgnil
Chief Executive, Groupe Opale Alsei

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